"We have a warm and friendly atmosphere thanks to everyone - the children, the students, the parents and the staff."


The International School Breda is able to offer first-class international education at a reasonable cost to families thanks to funding from the Dutch Ministry of Education* and subsidies from the Province of Noord-Brabant.  

The annual fee per child is:

  • Nursery; The cost is worked out based on how many morning and afternoon sessions the child is enrolled for. The minimum of four morning sessions costs €4,900 per annum. Please contact us if you need further information.
  • Primary                     €5,700
  • Secondary (IB MYP)   €6,700
  • Secondary (IB DP)     €7,200

Fees are payable annually and can be paid in full or in two instalments:
50% by 26th August
50% by 1st February

Additional Costs: We aim to keep additional costs to parents to a minimum. However, there are certain things that are not covered by the annual school fee:

Admission Fee
At the time of application to the school, an admission fee of €300 is required. This fee is non-refundable and must be received before we can process your application for admission.

During the school year, primary children and secondary students go on a variety of educational excursions within the Netherlands. The costs of such trips are included in the annual school fee, although there may be a small charge for lunch or refreshments.

Secondary students may have the opportunity to travel abroad with the ISB. The cost of international trips is not covered by the school fee, but we do our best to keep the cost of such trips to a minimum.

*The ISB is a member of the Dutch International Schools organisation, all of whom are partially funded by the Dutch government. Since this funding doesn’t cover all costs, Dutch International Schools are allowed to charge school fees, within a pre-agreed range, with permission from the Dutch Ministry of Education.

What happens if we move during the school year? 
Of course we understand that it may be necessary to move during the school year. Please see below for an indication of the relative proportion of school fees due if your child leaves or joins the ISB during the school year: