"We think every child is unique, special and born with a natural curiosity to discover the world."


Welcome to the Childcare Centre at ISB

Here at ISB we have a Kober child care centre where we offer your children the chance to develop themselves. We think every child is unique, special and born with a natural curiosity to discover the world. Therefore we offer your children a familiar, safe and above all a playful environment. Just like ISB's primary and secondary schools, we also have children in our day care from counties all round the world, making our playing and learning environment challenging and interesting. In our groups we pay extra attention to language and learning how to “understand” each other in the literal and figurative senses.

Day care 0-4 years

We have two day care groups. Each group has its own qualified teachers ready to welcome your child. We work with a clear, daily routine and strive for a peaceful and sociable atmosphere. In our groups the children are always busy building up valuable experiences learning with and from each other. Within our daily routine we offer a variety of challenging and fun activities for all ages. We work closely together with ISB's primary school, so if you choose to send your child to the ISB when he or she turns four, we will make sure that the transition from day care to primary runs as smoothly as possible.

Out of school care 4-18 years

Our out of school care is a place where your child can come and relax before school, after school and during holidays. We are open year-round, except for public holidays. We offer your child the opportunity to join in social, cultural, musical and physical activities which we offer all year round. We offer a diverse programme during every school holiday. Even children who normally do not attend out of school care are welcome to join us in the holidays. 

Our service team is well-versed in Dutch tax rules and regulations and will gladly assist you with the forms you need to fill in to join us. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

We hope to see you and your child very soon!

ISB Childcare Team